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I read this in the newspaper today

Vote or what?

"Staten Island: Llyod Grove's Lowdown column reported yesterday that Paris Hilton and rapper 50 Cent did not vote, even though they were photographed in "Vote or Die!" T-shirts. Well, die already. Who are you to tell people to vote if you weren't going to do it yourself? My props go to Ludacris, because he did send in an absentee ballot."

EMT Timothy Dluhos, FDNY EMS

14% of our age group voted. over 20% voted last election. if any of you didnt vote and were of age. you suck, and have no right to ever say something bad about Bush, so take off your anti bush shirt.

I mean what is up with the friggin Trend that was SO popular it was so IN to hate bush it was the cool thing. you know what maybe thats it people didnt vote cause they spent so much money on all those cute shirts they want to still be able to wear them if socongradulations. your cool.
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