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"Well, i'll go to college and
i'll learn some big words
and i'll talk real LOUD
goddamn right i'll be heard
you'll remember all the guys that
said all those big words he must've
learned in college"

[In this entry im going to whip out so i dont use words i always use because i think they've lost their meaning from being over used] I will also reframe from the "dropping" of any names because again i think it is somehting i do too frequently

the last five days have been grand. yes grand is how i will describe them.

seeing everyone again was great, i ended up seeing a lot more people than i expected to which was a bit overwhelming in an awe-inspiring kinda way. but of course there were a lot more people i wish i could of nevertheless seen.

It all started with Tuesday night, Where the day was exalted and a bit of a journey with the plans ever changing. ending at Applebees it was a hoopla

Wensday was Thanksgiving, and if eating means giving thanks we gave a lot of thanks. my aunt did most the cooking and it was (im going to use a word teddy said the other day) "succulent" played pictionary with my family and watched a lot of history channel shows on alien's. which were outlandish, unearthly, eerie, and preternatural"

Thursday night I FESTED started out with Ruby Tuesdays then finished up with a lot of halo 2 and incommunicable events.

Friday The original plan was to go to a OAR concert at hammerstien i went to one before and it was the source of much merriment i dont care what any one has to say about the band. How ever the concert was sold out. So. we ended up watching ferris bueller's day off and then going to Chillie's which was too crowded so we left and went to Friday's then hit up tower and went to Gilgo. The night ending with all of us pushing my chums automobile back to his house.

Saturday being the wind-up of all said hoopla was great went to Applebees for lunch caught up a lot, with some comrads and did a bit of foxtrotting Then for dinner ended up returning to Applebees for Round deux. Was "Rock-Solid!" (to quote a man who shares his name with a kinda fish)after we meandered along the beach for id say 5 minutes then headed off to explore New Highway and mellville?, which both let us down to much of our dismay. But We then stumbled upon the exit to Kings Park which did a 180 with our dismay, and instead left us a bit terror-stricken Zombie Pumpkins and phantom cars and what not. we followed up with it by telling spooky....ghost stories. as banal as that may sound. then explored the isles of block buster. ending with "Grown-up talk"

In Conclusion the fact that america is suffering from an epidemic of obecity doesnt really surprise me.
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