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Hi how are you? its been a while. I must Warn you the rest of this entry is more or less me ranting and complaining. so proceed to scroll past it i felt like typing it for some reason or another. not particularly proud of it but its what it is, and it is in double spaced format...

I am
updating my live journal.

Since i know you like to keep up to date with the happenings of my life, here you go:

Id say I'm now fully back in the swing of school, and im thinking. Its a lot harder then it was the first semester.

and its not the class' or the work in particular, really but rather all that it encompasses i feel disjointed from.

my problems with commuting become magnified and much more evident with the recent drop in temperature

i just feel depressed. my mom isnt really helping shes, driving me absolutely insane actually. which is fun.

I listen to a lot of music which cheers me up and can make me feel infinitely better but sadly its very fleeting.

im really looking forward to next year and getting away from my home and all, i think it will be brilliant.
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