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Man ive really let this journal go, its covered in dust, weeds, unkempt hair and by the looks of it has gained some weight. kinda growing apart from it, i think its a weird way to communicate. any way this is an update, so i shall fill you in on my life. School has been keeping on doing its thing, i feel like i got a lot out of this year, met some great and interesting... people only 4 weeks left... dont know where the time went but i wish i had some of it back now ive got loads of work that is steadily piling up which i need to do before the years up not sure how ill do that! BUT ill figure something out...tomorrow.

Outside of school ive been hanging out with a lot of people I wouldnt of expected to, a year ago. which is GREAT lots of great times. the weathers been awesome lately and everythings looking up; just came back from the nautalis diner and am extremly full/content. have any specific questions about things i didnt cover just ask

"Life tends to unfold as it should"
-Harold and Kumar go to white castle
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